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What’s an auto title loan? How do they work? Is a bad credit loan different?

A title loan is similar to other types of loan with the major difference being that the loan itself is not based on your credit. Instead your car is used as collateral to ensure your approval for the loan. A title loan is one of the very few options available for people with bad credit or no credit who are in a money crunch. The lender holds the car title in exchange for the loan. While you pay back the loan you are allowed to keep your vehicle and continue driving it. Getting a Florida title loan offers a fast and easy way for you to get even more value out of your car and get approved for a loan.

I have not received my pre-approval or a phone call.

You should be contacted within 24 hours form the time you fill out the application. We treat all clients fairly and always look to secure the lowest rate available. Please be patient and a lender will be contacting you with your loan quotation.

Once I finish the online application, how to I get my cash?

You have a few different options when receiving you loan. You can use direct transfer if you like. Options will be available and discussed with the loan vendor.

What paper work is required to get a Florida Auto Title Loan Processed?

To receive your title loan, your name must be on the car title and there can not be any liens against it. You will be required to have a valid drivers license from the state as well as up to date insurance. You will also need to show proof of where you reside and your income.

Can I keep my vehicle and continue driving after receiving a loan?

Of course, this is one of the greatest benefits of a auto title loan. The lender will hold on to the title of the car. You will receive the title back after the loan has been paid off but you will get to keep your car for the entire length of the loan.

What amount of many can I get with a Florida title loan?

You can receive up to the value of your vehicle!

How long will I have to pay back my loan and what if I want to pay it off sooner?

The term of the loan will vary per agreement. You are always welcome to pay of your loan early if you wish. There is no penalty for making early payments or paying off the loan before the agreed term.


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